Heritage Volunteers from Scruton Station, Joint National winners

Celebrating volunteering in UK museums

10 October, 2017

On Monday 25th September, I had the opportunity to attend the 2017 presentation of the Marsh Volunteers for Museum Learning Award.

I had the pleasure of meeting a number of the regional winners from across the country, who all had interesting stories to tell about the work they do at their respective museums. I tried my hand at drop spinning with one of the volunteers from the Acton Scott Historic Working Farm and spoke with the Victoria Tunnel Volunteer Guides who had travelled from Newcastle that morning to attend the presentation. The Heritage Volunteers from Scruton Station imparted some great knowledge about the history of their museum and how the station had been rebuilt, from almost nothing, to become the invaluable source of local history that it is today.

Around 100 people made it to the British Museum to celebrate the importance of volunteers and learn about the work of their peers around the country. Sir Richard Lambert, Chairman of the British Museum, gave an inspiring speech which thanked each and every volunteer at the presentation for their hardwork and dedication to bringing museums to life for the public.

There was great activity on social media surrounding the Award, live tweeting from the event itself and winners sharing their experiences and linking with others in the sector following the presentation. Dan Vo, from the Victoria and Albert Museum, shared some great photos from the event and was keen to spread the message of the importance of volunteers to his wider audience, not only those he works with personally, but also those he met on the day.

For more information about the Award and how to nominate next year, visit the British Museum website.