Marsh Young Volunteer Awards with RBGK

These Awards will recognise members of the Youth Explainer volunteer programme at Kew Gardens.

The programme is for 14-17 year olds from a range of backgrounds and abilities, many of whom would not have visited Kew before. The young people are encouraged to make their own learning resources, to engage the public with the Gardens, and are given the opportunity to shadow adult volunteers.

There are three Awards: Most Committed, Best Learner and Best Team Player

Sophia Lawton, Milcah Tareke, David Martins 2019

Sophia Lawton – Most hours volunteered

Sophia has shown incredible commitment throughout her time on the Youth Explainer Programme, with 100% attendance during the 6-month training programme. She has volunteered over 40 hours, compared to the average of 28 across the rest of the cohort. It is inspiring to watch the enthusiasm and energy she puts into every visitor interaction.

Milcah Tareke – Best Team Player

Milcah is always enthusiastic, professional and friendly in her role as a Youth Explainer. She is supportive of her fellow volunteers and actively looks for ways to develop her visitor engagement skills. She has definitely proven herself to be a great ambassador for the Youth Programme and for Kew.

David Martins – Most improved

David has shown amazing dedication and resilience during his time on the programme, working constantly to develop his communication skills and become and expert young volunteer. His confidence has grown immeasurably throughout the year and he has shown what you can achieve when you step out of your comfort zone.

Previous Winners

Minashi Guruge, Honey Pandya and Lavish Kamal Kumar

Minadhi Guruge is this year’s Most Committed Volunteer. Minadhi has won this Award for having volunteered the most hours as a Youth Explainer.

Honey Pandya is the Best Team Player this year. Honey has consistently proved her ability to work well with others and support her peers. She is a great ambassador for young people at Kew and get involved with a number of activities outside the Youth Explainers programme.

Lavish Kamal Kumar is this year’s Best Learner, continually striving to learn more and develop his volunteering skills.