Marsh Young Retail Volunteer of the Year Award

This Award recognises the hard work and dedication of people up to the age of 25 who give up their time to volunteer in one of Barnardo’s stores around the country. The Award celebrates the great customer service that they provide and the contributions they make toward raising money for the protection of children and families.

Nominations are made via Barnardo’s and judged by a panel consisting of Barnardo’s and MCT representatives.

Pictured above: Jonathan, 2014 Award winner

Angie 2018

Angie is an invaluable volunteer at the Barnardo’s shop in Derby. Previous retail employers had been reluctant to take her on due to her disability and so she was anxious and shy when she first joined the store. Angie has greatly grown in confidence and has provided vital assistance on the shop floor where she interacts with customers and in the stockroom. She continues to grow in her role and is currently training to become a retail supervisor level volunteer.

This year’s Regional Winners are:
– Dara – Newtownards
– Natasha – Chichester
– Olivia – Lee Road

Previous Winners


Aimee began volunteering at the Cardiff Barnardo’s store in 2013 and gives her time 3 days a week, steadily growing in confidence and overcoming her own learning difficulties. She is now able to open the store on her own and is a capable team member, but also happy to work independently if necessary. Aimee fully supports any fundraising events that the shop holds and attended the Barnardo’s Garden Party at Buckingham Palace. She is very creative, engaging and enthusiastic and is an asset to the volunteering team at the store.


Joanne has been volunteering at the Bonnybridge Barnardo’s store in Falkirk, Scotland and recently became a volunteer key holder. She has built up an excellent rapport with local customers, especially the children who visit the shop.

Joanne stepped up to the plate to keep the store open every Sunday for four months when a staff member couldn’t work. This saved Barnardo’s a great deal in wages and travel costs which they would have otherwise incurred.


17-year-old Devon volunteers at the Cowley Road Barnardo’s Store in Oxford. She is hard working, polite and never misses a day of her volunteering. Since starting as a volunteer, Devon has displayed great personal development and has become more confident and independent in her role at the store, wearing her Barnardo’s uniform with pride and contributing a great deal to her role.


Jonathan began volunteering with Barnardo’s in 2012 as part of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards scheme. Even though he has now completed the scheme, he has remained a committed volunteer, continuing to work and raise funds and awareness for Barnardo’s.