Marsh Award for International Arts Society Committee of the Year

This Award was set up to recognise the collective and voluntary achievements of committee members who have established and driven the activities of the societies internationally, through great dedication and creative ways of engaging with members of the community.

Nominations for the Award are put forward by local societies and are judged by a panel consisting of Arts Society and MCT representatives.

Arts Society Hawkes Bay, New Zealand 2019

There are 8 Arts Societies in New Zealand, who each take on a two year coordination role for visiting lecturers, managing the whole process from selection to expenses while the lecturer is on their visit. The Hawkes Bay society are the current national coordinating society for 2018-2019 and have made a significant improvement to the systems and processes, making the Arts Society throughout New Zealand a lot stronger and more viable.

This committee have worked collaboratively with other societies in New Zealand to reduce costs of visiting lecturers and have streamlined the processes involved to make the running of the organisations easier and smoother for all involved. The Hawkes Bay Society were the first in the country to rebrand and have produced a detailed guide for the other societies to follow in due course. Their work has been described by other committees in the country as “a win-win for all”.