Marsh Award for Digital Volunteer of the Year with the Churches Conservation Trust

The Award recognises someone who has made a particularly valuable contribution to the Churches Conservation Trust in a digital capacity, using digital tools in an innovative and effective way in order to promote the Churches Conservation Trust and its churches.

Nominations for the Award are submitted to the Churches Conservation Trust via their website and are judged in partnership with representatives of the MCT.

Jessica Clarke 2019

The CCT has been given the opportunity to promote its historic churches on the Google Arts and Culture platform. In order to take full advantage of this opportunity, they needed volunteer support to research, organise and compile multiple digital ‘stories’ and exhibits and this is where Jessica came in. Her support has enabled the CCT to not only complete the project, but also to get the data into the right format for Google to accept it. She has also developed user guides for other volunteers to follow in the future and has overcome all technical issues with diligence and determination. Without Jessica, the project would not have been such a success.