5 Years of celebrating Museum of London volunteers

18 October, 2017

Tuesday 17th October 2017 marked the 5th presentation of the Marsh Awards for Museum of London Volunteers. The Museum of London invest whole-heartedly in their volunteers and our Awards in partnership with them give them the opportunity to thank those volunteers who have gone above and beyond in supporting the Museum.

Volunteering at the Museum of London has gone from strength to strength over the last 5 years, with opportunities arising for members of the public to be involved in collections across the three museum sites: London Wall, the Docklands and the Archaeological Archives. Sharon Ament, Director of the Museum of London, used the presentation as an opportunity to collectively thank the over 900 volunteers who have at some point given their time to the museum and shared their passion for and knowledge of the collections with the public.

This year’s Marsh Awards recognised two outstanding volunteers and one collective who had provided invaluable support to the Museum over the past year (at least!). This year’s winners were:


As the Museum of London moves forward with their relocation project to West Smithfield, opportunities for volunteering at the museum are likely to only increase further and we look forward to celebrating this through our Awards.