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Recognising More Volunteers with St Mungo’s

06 April, 2021 The Marsh Christian Trust has been in partnership with St Mungo’s since 2015, recognising volunteers who support people recovering from homelessness. The Awards reflect the varied contributions that volunteers make across St Mungo’s services through 3 categories: Ending Rough Sleeping,...
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Celebrating 2020 Award Partner Anniversaries

17 December, 2020 The MCT have 38 partners each with different and unique awards that have been running for many years. This year we are pleased to be celebrating a number of different Award Partner anniversaries. This year will be the 20th anniversary...
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Increased Volunteering During The Pandemic

02 July, 2020 Many charities have been suffering a loss of income due to the recent pandemic, and many physical and face-to-face volunteering projects and services have had to temporarily halt, however this has not stopped many others pulling together to adapt to...
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Recognising International Contributions

07 November, 2019 Much of the MCT’s work involves recognising the grassroots contributions of individuals and groups across the UK. However, we are increasingly expanding our international reach and, in the past year, have presented over 15 Awards to winners working internationally. A...
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Awarding Outstanding People in Research: Entomological Science

06 September, 2019 This year marks the 18th year we have been running Awards in partnership with the Royal Entomological Society (RES), with this year seeing the start of our involvement with the J.O. Westwood Medal for Excellence in Insect Taxonomy & Marsh...
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Celebrating Peer Support in Volunteering

07 June, 2019 Volunteers Week is always an exciting time for the Trust. A number of our Volunteer Awards are presented at events held to celebrate amazing people who generously give their time, energy and expertise to important causes. We are working more...
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Young People Making Their Voices Heard

18 April, 2019 We are, at the moment, witnessing a rise in the number of young people who are speaking out to champion causes that they believe in. As we joined the Amnesty International UK National Conference last weekend we saw, first-hand, the...
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Local Volunteers Supporting Refugees

11 February, 2019 We recently met with our partners at the Refugee Council with whom we run the Marsh Refugee Volunteer Awards. These Awards recognise five volunteer led projects within the Refugee Council which provide vital services to refugees and asylum seekers across...
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2018 in Review

18 December, 2018 As we come to the end of another busy year for the Trust, we wanted to look back and reflect on our activities this year, and look forward to what is to come in 2019. In 2018 we recognised 215...
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Welcoming New Ambassadors to the Trust

17 October, 2018 We are delighted to announce that we have two new Ambassadors, Peter Anwyl Harris and John Bennett, who have joined our team of volunteers at the Trust.  Our Ambassadors are vital to running the Marsh Awards and dedicate their time...
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Our Recent Charity Visits

13 June, 2018 We’ve recently been out and about visiting a number of charities that we support through our grants programme. It’s always great to meet with grantees to talk to them about their work, their successes and often their challenges first hand,...
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30 Years of Awards and Achievements

18 April, 2018 At the MCT we are celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Marsh Awards and consequently the incredible contributions that our Award winners have made over these years to the lives of others, to our culture and to the natural world....
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