Marsh Award for Early Career Entomologist

This is an award which was presented for the first time this year, in partnership with the Royal Entomological Society.

The Award recognises an individual who has made an early career contribution to Entomological Science, which is considered to be outstanding or exemplary, with a single or ongoing impact to the field. It commends their dedication to the field and hard work and creativity.

The Award is not restricted to a particular discipline or area of entomological science and is therefore open to all those working across the field.

The 2015 winner is Dr David George

Dr David George, pictured right, won this award for his contribution to entomological science, primarily in the fields of veterinary and agricultural pest management, and promotion of beneficial insects on farmland.

David is Director of Entomology & Sustainable Agriculture at Stockbridge Technology Centre, and is a Fellow, Trustee and Hon. Reg. Sec. of the Royal Entomological Society, also co-editing the Society’s member’s bulletin, Antenna.

David’s work has contributed directly to commercial pest control through the registration of a number pest control products for professional use and research that has informed pesticide development and the adoption of biological control in several sectors.

David has been involved in collaborative research in both the UK and overseas, publishing some 35 papers in peer-reviewed journals and disseminating his work widely to public, academic and industry audiences. His work has been presented at more than 70 entomological meetings around the world.


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Previous Winners:

2014 Donald A'Bear

2013 Tom Oliver

2012 Jenni Stockan