Marsh Young Volunteer Award for Historic Vessel Conservation

2012 - Hannah and Beth Pihama

Hannah and Beth have given up most of their weekends to work on the Cambria vessel, working alongside other volunteers at the Cambria Trust.

Cambria was built in 1906 by William Everard, and began as a river and coastal cargo carrier. It was Britain’s last registered vessel to carry cargo under sail alone. In 2006 the project of its restoration was undertaken by the Cambria Trust.

Hannah and Beth’s work on the vessel has been invaluable. They have helped paint and restore the ship’s hull and other main components of the vessel. This was often a cold, wet and dirty task, especially that of painting the hull, as it involved working in a space with only 3-4 inches of head room.

Hannah and Beth have always shown enthusiasm for their work, engaged with other volunteers and become a real part of the community at the Cambria Trust. They have put in long hours, kept up the morale of the team and even baked cakes for the rest of the volunteers! Their work has been cherished by all those involved.

Picture right: Top - Beth Pihama; Bottom - Hannah Pihama


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