Marsh Award for Marine and Freshwater Conservation

2011 - Brendan Godley

This year’s winner is Brendan Godley, University of Exeter.
Brendan has provided new insights into marine biodiversity and, in particular, the complex life histories and migration strategies of marine turtles. The interdisciplinary nature of Brendan’s work is self-evident, as he collaborates with engineers, social scientists, oceanographers, molecular biologists and mathematicians, to collect and analyse valuable long-term ecological data. In 2004 he collaborated to develop the online Satellite Tracking Analysis Tool (STAT), which a global network now uses, with the help of satellite tags, time-depth recorders and animal-borne cameras, to track over 7000 individuals of 113 species in 300 projects. Brendan has published over 130 peer-reviewed papers, and has demonstrated an enormous commitment to outreach and the public understanding of science. He is hugely successful in attracting funding for his work, securing almost £4 million of research income in a little over a decade. In recent years he has widened his interests to include sustainable fisheries, and the ecological impacts of marine renewable energy resources and climate change. Brendan is a major figure in turtle conservation and a deserving winner of this prestigious award.


The Zoological Society of London
Regent's Park