Marsh Award for Excellence in Gallery Education

This award, run in partnership with engage, annually celebrates the achievements of individuals working in learning and education within gallery or visual arts contexts.

engage (National Association for Gallery Education)promotes access to, enjoyment and understanding of the visual arts through 'gallery education'. They run and promote projects and programmes which help school children and the wider community become confident in their understanding and enjoyment of the visual arts and galleries.

Pictured right: Children participating in engage’s Children’s Art Day in 2010 (photo: Kois Miah)

The 2016 winners are Ben Thomas, Emma Kerr, Kenn Taylor, Adele Patrick and Merilee Mostov

Ben Thomas – Assistant Curator of Learning and Participation, Arnolfini
Ben has created a new model of engagement where students have the opportunity to work collaboratively with practicing artists, architects and writers to create ambitious projects and experiment with ideas connected to social change and hold large scale exhibitions in the gallery to showcase the partnership. He has also instigated a schools membership scheme providing opportunities for Arnolfini to connect with schools in a meaningful and long term way.

Emma Kerr – Head of Education, Roche Court Educational Trust
The Roche Court Educational Trust works with teachers, young people and specialist groups to develop confidence and skills by looking, thinking and speaking about art and as Head of Education, Emma champions this. She is a passionate advocate for involving state-school students in galleries, art history and art-making, an environment from where perhaps they may feel slightly excluded and has launched many initiatives which encouraged tailored approaches so that all can be involved in the gallery.

Kenn Taylor – Head of Participation, The Tetley
The Tetley works with the local community where there are high levels of deprivation and few opportunities for engagement with the arts. Kenn has developed an After School Art Club for children from 4 primary schools in Leeds, a new arts programme for teenagers and worked with students from Cockburn High School on a wide range of projects. He is passionate about widening participation and ensuring The Tetley is constantly developing to come more inclusive.

Adele Patrick – Lifelong Learning Manager, Glasgow Women’s Library
Adele has developed an effective and unique Lifelong Learning programme reaching women from all backgrounds who have never accessed or participated in the visual arts and connecting them with artists in Glasgow and beyond. Her passion and belief in the power of art has led to a programme that gives women the encouragement, tools and confidence to create and exhibit their own work.

Merilee Mostov – Chief Engagement Officer, Columbus Museum of Art
Merilee is responsible for visitor experience and engagement at the museum, ensuring that they are given opportunities to connect to the art and each other through interpretive strategies and participatory experiences, including an exercise which encourages them to ‘think like artists. Merilee is also responsible for the Chase Centre for Creativity where she curates exhibitions and is able to take risks that other curators could not.


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