Marsh Ecology Book of the Year Award

2011 - Dr David Briggs - 'Plant Microevolution and Conservation in Human-Influenced Ecosystems'

There has, perhaps, never been a better or more important time to reinforce the point that evolution is not simply something that has happened in the past but is currently shaping the ecological communities we see around us, especially in the face of selection pressures generated by human activity.

David Briggs' book is both an excellent review of decades of wide-ranging research at the interface of plant evolution, conservation and climate change, and also a thoroughly enjoyable read. It dispels myths, quotes the surrealist painter Renee Magritte, provides us with detailed insights into established and more novel case studies, and provides us with a balanced and thoughtful weighing up of the virtues and shortcomings of botanic gardens. And much more. Any ecologist could make use of this book, and draw from it a wide range of new and exciting research challenges.


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