Marsh Award for the Encouragement of Medallic Art

The BAMS President’s Medal and Marsh Award for the Encouragement of Medallic Art is awarded to individuals and organisations who are considered to have made a significant contribution to the understanding, appreciation and encouragement of the art of the medal.

The BAMS President’s Medal was commissioned by the British Art Medal Society (BAMS) as part of its twenty-fifth anniversary celebrations in 2007and first presented in 2009. The medal is the work of Danuta Solowiej (pictured right).

The Marsh Award for the Encouragement of Medallic Art was first presented in 2011 in partnership with the BAMS President’s Medal.

The 2015 winner is Arnold Nieuwendam

The Dutch painter Arnold Nieuwendam has been a regular attender at British Art Medal Society Conferences (BAMS) for many years with his wife, the medallist Carla Klein, travelling from The Netherlands to the UK to take part.

Arnold regularly makes photographic records of BAMS conferences and his photos have frequently been used in The Medal. He has also contributed articles to The Medal, with a total of nine being published since 2006. This however pales into insignificance compared with the hundreds of articles and photo reports on medals which Arnold has published elsewhere over the last 20 years. These are mainly on contemporary medals and medal-events in Dutch and Belgian numismatic and medallic periodicals and include reviews of BAMS events as well as those of the Dutch and German medal societies.

Arnold also runs a medal website on a voluntary basis. His contributions are impressive as he receives no payment for any of his articles or his website work. He is an archetypal “unsung hero” who has done so much to promote the art of medals.

Arnold Nieuwendam with his certificate upon returning to the Netherlands


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