Marsh Award for Volunteering with RBGK

This Award is run in partnership with the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew and is awarded to volunteers for their outstanding commitment, innovation and passion while Volunteering for RBG at Kew and Wakehurst Place.

The Award can be presented to an individual or group, volunteering in a variety of fields: from the upkeeping of the gardens' landscape, to working on specmen collections and interacting with visitors. In whatever way they chose to help, it is certain that the work of the volunteers has helped shape the experience of those who visit the Royal Boanic Gardens at Kew.

The 2014 Awards were presented in 2015

Pictured right is 2012 award winner, Alan Cornwell. The photograph is taken when volunteering in the gardens at Wakehurst Place.

The 2016 winners are The Volunteer Guide Training Committee, Derek Reynolds and the Arboretum Nursery Volunteers

1st place is awarded to the Volunteer Guide Training Committee...
The Kew Gardens Training Committee, made up of volunteer guides Anne Bawtree, Jenny Jones, Carolyn Lowe, Julia Lourie, Carol Ritchie and Sue Lowndes, have collectively given 82 years of volunteering services, meeting regularly and organising a number of training sessions for volunteers. They also offer additional time and support to the Visitor Engagement Volunteer Coordinator, helping to organise a programme of Tour Guide assessments. The Committee spend a great deal of time studying and researching the latest information so that their training sessions are as relevant as possible. Each member of the Committee also gives their time as a tour or information guide at Kew. Their Guided Tours educate and inspire visitors while delivering the important message of Kew’s scientific and conservation work. In 2017, Kew’s tour guide committee will celebrate 25 successful years since its inception, and the Volunteer Training Committee is a key contributor to this success.

2nd place is awarded to Derek Reynolds...
Derek has served as a Wakehurst Volunteer Guide since the inception of the programme in 1993, during which time he has provided reliable tours when he has been rostered, no matter what the weather or season. He passionately explains to visitors the developments and seasonal interests in the gardens, and never complains even if no one shows up for a tour. Derek has always been a keen supporter of Wakehurst and delivers information to visitors in a knowledgeable way, with a personal touch due to his long time involvement with the gardens. The staff at Wakehurst, and indeed the public who attend his tours, give great positive feedback to Derek for his passion and commitment, making him a much loved and well respected Volunteer Guide.

3rd place is awarded to the Arboretum Nursery Volunteers...
This group of volunteers, made up of Tomiko Francombe, Jane Calder Jess Moore and Melanie Martin, have been volunteering collectively for 6 years, maintaining the same level of enthusiasm for the tasks given to them (a new one every week, sometimes not the most glamourous!) that they had when they began their volunteering work. Without the commitment of these volunteer, the Arboretum Nursery would simply not be able to produce as many healthy plants as they do. The volunteers welcome the constant change of students and apprentices at the nursery like they have always known them, doing their best to help in any way they can so that the student can complete the relevant tasks for their diplomas.

Pictured having received their Awards from MCT Ambassador Emma Haworth: Volunteer Guides (top) and the Arboretum Nursery Volunteers (bottom)


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