Marsh Volunteer Awards with the Royal Opera House

This Award is run in partnership with the Royal Opera House and recognises the efforts of volunteers who have demonstrated an on-going dedication and commitment to an area of work within the Royal Opera House. This could be through an involvement in Education and community work, a particular ROH project or initiative which supports the learning and development of young people in the arts, or by sharing particular skills and knowledge to benefit the work of the ROH.

Previously, the Award only recognised volunteers in the Education and Community sector. It has now been opened up to volunteers working in various departments, both at Covent Garden and Thurrock.

The 2015 winners are Jeanette Fossey, Eddy Archer, Margaret Hall, Graham Fletcher and Michael Possener, Joan Alcock, Allison Lyneham

Jeanette Fossey
Jeanette brings a huge amount of energy to her volunteering which is especially clear on Inspiration Days and Public Tours, where she ensures participants have the best possible experience. Jeanette is organised, practical and is always prepared to pitch in and get involved in the creative activities. She’s a fantastic advocate of the Royal Opera House and a great community ambassador.

Eddy Archer
Eddy has volunteered for many events and projects for the Royal Opera House Thurrock. He supports Public Tours and Inspiration Days and is always willing to help out wherever support is needed. His commitment and enthusiasm for volunteering is impressive. Eddy supports RM19, the Royal Opera House’s youth singing group and he also helps prepare the room set up and keyboards for every rehearsal for the Royal Opera House Thurrock Community Chorus and many other events.

Margaret Hall
Margaret is incredibly talented at making and mending costumes, and has supported the costume team for Learning and Participation productions for many seasons. Margaret’s knowledge of the High House Production Park and her warm personality helps ensure that all visitors and attendees feel welcomed. She also came up with the idea that the Royal Opera House ran workshops to mend costumes. Since then dozens of Thurrock volunteers have been given the chance to work with Royal Opera House costume practitioners to mend and repair the costumes while building their sewing skills.

Graham Fletcher and Michael Possener
Both Graham and Michael show enormous commitment and dedication to the Learning and Participation Volunteer programme. They present a welcoming face for audiences, and are always willing to help out where necessary.
Graham is a regular volunteer for audience engagement projects and events. He supports Schools Matinees and Family Sundays, is a friendly and approachable ambassador for the Royal Opera House and supports creative practitioners to ensure their workshops are delivered to a high standard. He has also provided much needed administrative support to Big Sing events.
Michael has a very welcoming personality which has proved invaluable particularly with Family Sundays and the Schools Matinees programme. He also worked with the Gavron Gold programme, highlighting his commitment to the welfare and wellbeing of the elderly.

Joan Alcock
Joan has volunteered with the Royal Opera House for over five years as part of the Press and Communications team, providing crucial administrative support. Joan scans through the large volume of press clippings from each production and edits out suitable quotes about artists, productions and departments of the Royal Opera House. If it wasn’t for Joan the high level of media interest would not be properly archived. Joan is able to work swiftly with large quantities of written material. She works quietly and rigorously whilst maintaining a sense of humour throughout.

Allison Lyneham
For the past year, Allison has volunteered with the Brand and Image Licensing programme, specifically researching, identifying and approaching potential licensees. She also makes sure that catalogue images are available for licensing and identifies and analyses opportunities for licensing them to third parties. Allison has also contributed toward the image cataloguing programme, helping catalogue images of ballet productions ready for licensing.

Pictured: Some of the volunteers receiving their award from Brian Marsh (MCT Chairman) and Alex Beard (Royal Opera House CEO) - Graham Fletcher and Michael Possener (top), Eddy Archer (middle), Allison Lyneham (bottom)


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