Marsh Ecology Book of the Year Award

2010 - Thermal Adaptation: A Theoretical and Empirical Synthesis by Michael J Angilletta Jr

In this book, the author fills a substantial and problematic gap that has long existed between theory and empirical studies in the science of thermal adaptation and its ecological implications. The importance of the book to ecologists is clear from the outset and is emphasized in a noteworthy section on understanding the response of organisms to climate change. For too long, the significance of physiological variation has typically been divorced from its roots in evolutionary ecology, and this book shows how to foster reconciliation and why doing so is important.
The treatment is lucid and will appeal to a broad audience. In consequence it will encourage further dialogue between ecology, physiology and evolutionary biology. At a time when integrated understanding of the response of organisms to their changing environment is pressing, the book helps enormously in addressing that need. In doing so, it is likely to encourage a range of new work on the ecological importance of thermal adaption. This is an excellent synthesis that has arrived at a critical time.
Michael is Associate Professor in the Department of Biology at Indiana State University, Terre Haute, having completed his PhD at the University of Pennsylvania


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