Marsh International Animal Welfare Award

2006 - Committee for Rehabilitation Aid to Afghanistan (CRAA)

The Committee for Rehabilitation Aid to Afghanistan (CRAA) received this award for its tireless efforts to implement animal welfare in a country suffering the burden of political unrest and social conflict.

The CRAA introduced its Humane Treatment of Draft Animals project in 2003 in the Jalalabad region, aimed at addressing the health and welfare of the draft animals – particularly the horses and donkeys that pull carts and tongas – that are often the sole source of income for many Afghani families. It establishes clean water and shade facilities where the animals can rest, as well as educating owners and providing mobile veterinary and farrier serves, and harness repair and replacement. This project was extended throughout the Nangarhar province in 2004. The success in both regions prompted WSPA to propose that the project be extended once more to include Kabul, Laghman and Kunar provinces. Work in these regions is now underway.

Picture shows Brian Marsh with Sana Ul Haq Ahmadzai of CRAA


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