Marsh Biography Award

1993 - Patrick Marnham for "The Man who Wasn't Maigret"

Patrick Marnham won the 1993 Marsh Biography Award for "The Man who Wasn't Maigret: A Portrait of Georges Simenon”.

Before he turned thirty, Georges Simenon had published more than two hundred novels—thrillers, detective stories, erotic tales, pulp fiction of every kind—under a variety of pseudonyms. His first two novels featuring Inspector Maigret were issued together in 1931, shortly after his twenty-eighth birthday. Ultimately, there would be seventy-six titles in the enormously popular Maigret series, and another 119 “romans durs,” as Simenon called them—the darker, moreserious novels on which he believed his reputation would rest.
Marnham’s book traces Simenon’s incredible life–from his childhood in Liege, through WWI, WWII, his years in America, his marriages, affairs, and, of course, his literary career. While Marnham obviously admires Simenon, he also maintains his objectivity and is also able to identity Simenon’s flaws and his personal demons.


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