Marsh Award for Children's Literature in Translation

2001 - Betsy Rosenberg for David Grossman's "Duel"

In 2001, Betsy Rosenberg received the Marsh Award for Children's Literature in Translation for translating Duel from the original Hebrew into English.

In their review, the award committee said, "Duel is quirky, compassionate and beautifully edited . . . Grossman deals with values that are not often discussed today. In a lively natural translation, this original book is unforgettable."

Betsy Rosenberg is one of Israel's most sought-after English translators and poets. Although, she was born and educated in the United States, Rosenberg has been a resident of Israel since 1967.

In receiving the Award, Betsy commented:

“Grossman’s child heroes, including the David character in ‘Duel’ often look abroad for stimulating and exciting ideas to use in their make-believe world. Of course they must adopt these first, and localize them through an act of the imagination. That’s really fun, that’s how we learn about life…that’s why children’s literature is translated.”