Marsh Ecology Award

2002 - Prof Jim Brown

Professor Jim Brown is amongst the top three ecologists in the USA. Not only has he been fantastically productive and innovative as a researcher, he has also contributed enormously to the development and administration of ecology internationally. His work has bridged the gap across disciplines and across scales of space and time.

Jim Brown has pioneered the whole area of Macroecology as evidenced by his many papers in the best international journals and his seminal book “Macroecology” published by University of Chicago press in 1995. He has published some of the most cited papers in the field of biogeography and his textbooks on “biogeography” firstly in 1983 with Gibson, and more recently in 1998 with Lomolino are the most widely cited and used books on the subject available.

He is a superb teacher of ecology and has made huge contributions to community ecology, Macroecology, biography and ecological physiology.


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