Marsh International Animal Welfare Award

This Award is run in partnership with World Animal Protection (formerly the World Society for the Protection of Animals) and recognises a significant advancement in animal welfare by one or more animal welfare groups around the world.

World Animal Protection works to tackle animal cruelty across the globe, working directly with animals, people and organisations to ensure that animals are treated with respect and compassion.

The 2015 winner is AHPPA - Asociacion Humanitaria Para la Proteccion Animal de Costa Rica

AHPPA is the largest animal shelter in Costa Rica. They have developed and implemented practical programs that provide community and national low cost animal sterilizations, animal care services, rehoming and shelter services. The organisation also provides animal welfare education for students and educators and disaster relief and animal population control initiatives. These programs have had a positive impact on thousands of animals and people each year.

AHPPA was established in 1991 and over the years the organisation has undergone an impressive transformation. Their budget has increased greatly and they are now able to help thousands of animals in need. AHPPA has developed an outreach programme to provide veterinary services beyond their neighbourhood and into rural communities towards the coastal areas.

In 2010, around 84% of animals brought to the shelter were adopted and rehomed, which is an outstanding achievement. Once an animal is adopted, AHPPA provides lifetime medical care.

In addition to the sterilizing, animal care, and adoption services AHPPA is helping to combat animal fighting in Costa Rica by looking after and retraining confiscated fighting dogs.

AHPPA has an impressive track record. They continue to add to their infrastructure which now includes shelter-runs, a veterinary hospital, a humane education classroom, several apartments for visiting students and veterinarians, and a pet store. Their work in protecting and improving the lives of animals in Costa Rica, and raising awareness about animal welfare, is truly exceptional.


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