Marsh Award for Insect Conservation

The Award recognises an outstanding contribution to the field of insect conservation and is run in partnership with the Royal Entomological Society. The Award has been running since 2002 and is awarded annually.

In 2007 an additional Award was made to Prof Lincoln Brower in recognition of his lifetime's work in insect conservation.

Pictured right: Sea-clubrush hoverfly Lejops vittatahis. Photograph credited to Steven J Falk, 2012 Award winner

The 2016 winner is Dr Phil Sterling

Dr Phil Sterling has produced a guide to the UK’s 900+ micro-moths, filling a long vacant gap in the literature, making this group of insects accessible to entomologists and encouraging more people to undertake study in this area.

Phil is the County Ecologist for Dorset and has been at the forefront of recording and studying insects, particularly moths, since settling there. He has managed to persuade Dorset County Council to seeing the benefits of a wildlife-rich country and working in close partnership with the statutory and voluntary conservation bodies he has begun to turn things around for wildlife in the area. Perhaps one of his most notable achievements was the acceptance of the Heathland Planning Framework which has sought to reduce the pressure on the heaths from existing developments and controlling any new developments that might occur.

Phil was instrumental in the building of the Weymouth Relief Road, which was built through a sensitive area and a significant areas has also been set aside for wildlife. The building of this road is a case study of how development can be achieved while simultaneously providing gains and protection for wild life and was achieved largely thanks to Phil’s diplomacy and negotiation with the relevant parties.

The successful safeguarding, management and creating of ecosystems, for which Phil has been responsible, protect all forms of wildlife but the most species-rich group by far in every habitat are the insects.

Pictured: Phil Sterling being presented with his Award by Peter Titley, MCT Ambassador (left)


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