Marsh Botany Award

This award is run in association with Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and was started in November 2000.

The Award recognises an individual's lifetime achievement and outstanding contribution in the field of botanical research and conservation.

The 2014 Award was presented in 2015

The 2016 winner is Ken Adams

Dr Ken Adams has been at the heart of most of the botanical activity in Essex since the early 1970s. Before retiring, he enjoyed a long academic career as a principal lecturer and molecular biologist at the University of East London and he has been a member of the Botanical Society of Britain & Ireland (BSBI) since 1959, taking over as vice-county recorder for VCC18/19 in 1973. Ken oversaw the production of Stan Jermyn’s posthumous flora in 1974 and is still tirelessly working towards a new flora of the county to this day.

As well as being a competent mycologist, Ken has also been a British Bryological Society member since 1965, acting as librarian to the society for much of that time and he has also been their vice-county recorder for over 40 years.

Ken has worked diligently to document and try to protect both the plants in Essex, but also the archives, specimens and resources relating to them in the county. He played a major role in the opening of a purpose-built centre for the Essex Field Club in 2011, allowing greater access to resources and expertise on the county’s biodiversity for the public.

Through the short courses he has taught and the field excursions that he has organised, Ken has educated and inspired countless people to take up the study of botany, bryology and mycology. He has a website which is devoted to Essex botany and contains a large number of resources, including ‘Ken’s Keys’, well-illustrated, clear and concise guides to aid the identification of various groups of troublesome plants.

Pictured: Ken Adams pictured having received his Award from Emma Haworth, MCT Ambassador


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