Marsh Ecology Book of the Year Award

The Award, run in association with the British Ecological Society, is presented to the author of the best written work on ecology during the year.

Ecology’s purpose is to provide knowledge about the way the world works and provide evidence on the interdependence between the natural world and people. Never before has ecology been more important. A better understanding of ecological systems will allow society to predict the consequences of human activity on the environment.

Established in 1913 by professional ecologists, the British Ecological Society (BES) promotes and fosters the study of ecology in its widest sense. The BES is well placed to support areas of excellence and most need within the field of ecology and over the past 100 years has developed and supported activities to do this.

The 2016 winner is 'Mutualistic Networks' by Jordi Bascompte and Pedro Jordano

Mutualistic interactions among plants and animals have played a paramount role in shaping biodiversity. Yet the majority of studies on the topic have involved only a few species, as opposed to broader mutual connections between communities of organisms. Mutualistic Networks is the first book to comprehensively explore the field in this broader way. It integrates different approaches, from the statistical description of network structures to the development of new analytical frameworks and describes the architecture of these mutualistic networks and shows their importance for the robustness of biodiversity and the co-evolutionary process.

The book offers a new perspective on the study and synthesis of this growing area of interest for ecologists and evolutionary biologists, and makes a case for why mutualisms and their complex networks should be studied widely. It is believed that the book will serve as the standard reference for all future work on mutualistic interactions in biological communities.

Jordi Bascompte is Professor of Ecology at the University of Zurich and the co-author of Self-Organisation in Complex Ecosystems. Pedro Jordano is a Professor at the Spanish Research Council and an honorary professor at the University of Sevilla.


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