Marsh Fountain of the Year Award

This Award pays tribute to the best new or newly restored fountain or water feature and all those who have worked tirelessly to bring the project to life.

The Award is run in partnership with the Fountain Society, which encourages the active restoration, use and development of fountains, cascades and water features. The Society undertakes research and works with a variety of bodies and designers, providing them with technical advice and helping them in their campaigns to conserve and develop fountains, for the creative and artistic use of water for the public and private good.

The 2014 winner is J N Bentley for the Parterre Garden cascade, Bramham Park

Bramham Park, in West Yorkshire, was one of the most important English landscape gardens of the eighteenth century. The gardens featured pools, canals and cascades as well as statues, temples and garden buildings.

The Parterre Garden cascade was a key element to the gardens. However, its heyday was short-lived due to early problems with the water supply. As a result, the pool, and thirty-step channel that fed it, were filled in and grassed over. For two and a half centuries, only the masonry of the cascade and the parterre terrace walls were visible.

JN Bentley took on the project of restoring the pool and cascade as a functioning water feature. The surviving structure was dismantled and a new water supply was installed. The stonework was carefully reconstructed, weathered stones were replaced, and the retaining wall was strengthened.

The restoration of the Cascade is a key element in the wider investment which has taken place at Bramham Park, led by the owners of the estate, the Lane-Fox family. The family have been well advised and supported by Durham University Archaeological services, Wessex Archaeology and Rodney Melville &Partners;, amongst others.

J N Bentley were awarded for their exceptional work on the Parterre Garden cascade, which has helped transform Bramham Park.

Pictured above
Top - The restored Parterre Garden cascade
Middle and Bottom - The Team uncovering the cascade in the initial stages of the project
Photographs credited to Mark Dolphin, Site Manager from J N Bentley


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