The Marsh Awards

Recognising those who do it out of love, not for money.

There are hundreds if not thousands of ordinary people who do something extraordinary every day of their lives - yet go unnoticed by most of us. Perhaps it’s because their deeds seem only minor in the scale of today’s global headlines … but if it weren’t for these individuals, our world would be a sorrier place. These are the people the Marsh Awards seek to honour:

  • They work or volunteer with those in need, from the elderly to asylum seekers
  • They dedicate their lives to ensuring a future for the ecology and animals of our world
  • They create and make accessible to everyone great works of literature and of art
  • They work to maintain and restore our national heritage

All these things they do out of love and dedication, not for personal fame or fortune.  They don’t expect recognition but they deserve it, and that’s what the Marsh Awards aim to do.

The Awards are the creation of Brian Marsh, chairman of the Marsh Christian Trust, who wanted to support areas such as conservation and volunteering but needed to identify some special way of ensuring a modest sum of money made an impact. The Marsh Awards created that vehicle and have allowed the Trust to recognise these unsung heroes across a wide professional and charitable spectrum, from the fields of conservation and heritage to social welfare and the arts.

The Awards programme works with key partner organisations including the Zoological Society of London, the Heritage Craft Association, Barnardo’s and the Refugee Council. These partners recommend a short-list of worthy award winners, but the final decision lies with the Award Trustees, ensuring complete independence and giving real value to the winners in terms of the recognition earned.

The Marsh Awards now total over 70 and continue to grow. The main areas of focus for the Awards include conservation, science, the arts, heritage, literature and volunteering.



For Information on the Appeals process:

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For Information on Marsh Awards:

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