Marsh Award for Young Ortnithologist

This Award is run in partnership with British Trust for Ornithology and was presented for the first time in 2015.

This Award is presented to an individual (or group of people) under the age of 18 who has/have made a significant contribution to BTO bird monitoring schemes and shared this information with their peers.

The 2016 winner is Josie Hewitt

Josie has been a C ringer for 2 years and rings in her garden and at a variety of local sites, on her own or with her trainer. She is now learning the skills of nest finding and colour ringing and is involved with a BTO colour ringing scheme for Woodlark. Josie is passionate about sharing her love of bird ringing and keeps her blog updated which she then shares widely through social media. She is actively involved in two Facebook groups where young ringers can network and share their experiences. As a result of being Vice-Chair of the ‘Next Generation Birders’ Facebook group, Josie regularly organises visits to various bird observatories for young birders, giving them a chance to meet up in person and experience ringing first hand. Every year, Josie and her trainer put on a ringing demonstration for the public in conjunction with the local countryside Rangers which always proves very popular. She does all she can to encourage her local community to take an interest in the natural world around them through her role as a conservation volunteer. In 2015, Josie spoke in front of a large audience at Birdfair about her experiences as a young birder and also appeared on Springwatch Extra in 2015 giving a demonstration of ringing. She is an asset to the bird ringing community and an inspiring role model for young birders.

Pictured: Josie with Emma Haworth, MCT Ambassador


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