Marsh Award for Peacemaking & Peacekeeping in Partnership with Wilton Park

This Award is run in partnership with Wilton Park and recognises an individual from outside the UK making an innovative difference to areas of conflict and peacemaking. The Award may be presented to a journalist, advocacy group, or any other practitioner in the field, working in a conflict or post-conflict region.

Wilton Park is an international forum for strategic discussion. The organisation brings together leading representatives from the worlds of politics, diplomacy, academia, business, civil society, the military and the media, and initiates discussions on issues of international security, prosperity and justice.

Nominations for the Award are judged by members of the Wilton Park Advisory Council and the Marsh Christian Trust.

The 2015 winner is Devanna de la Puente

Devanna de la Puente has been awarded for her contribution to the fight against gender-based violence, in situations of disaster and conflict, and promoting women’s and girls’ rights around the world. She has over ten years’ experience working globally with the UN, national and international NGOs and civil society.

Chilean by birth, Devanna has focused her attention on working primarily in Asia, developing responses to gender-based violence in Pakistan, Myanmar, Afghanistan and during the Typhoon Haiyan. Devanna has previously worked in Africa and Latin America, promoting women’s and girls’ rights. Working in Darfur, she led a study to identify and encourage women’s leadership in refugee camps. In Honduras Devanna coordinated a programme for empowering women and girls at social risk and founded a women’s NGO which continues to lead local policy. She has also worked in Bangladesh, where she founded an initiative for the prevention of child marriage in rural areas, in partnership with Action Aid.

Devanna has been responsible for a number of publications, including ‘Women’s Leadership for Change in the Internally Displaced Person (IDP) camps in Darfur’, (CDJ, Oxford 2011), and has co-authored the study, ‘on Responding to sexual violence in countries with limited capacity.’ She holds a Master’s Degree in International Development and Cooperation from the University of Bologna in Italy. Devanna is an inspirational individual whose contributions have had a significant impact to the communities and people she has worked with.

Devanna has chosen to use the Award, which comprises of an honorarium of £1,000, to support an adolescent girl in India to complete her education. The girl is part of the Soma programme of New Light (, which helps adolescents at social risk. She is an orphan and was a daughter of a sex worker in the red light district in Kolkata. She now lives in one of New Light`s facilities and attends an English medium school. She shows an interest in education as well as music and design.

The following nominees were also shortlisted for this year’s Award

María Teresa Ronderos - Creator and editorial director of, a website covering Colombia’s transitional justice process and which investigates how armed conflict has impacted citizens and democracy

Susan Arif Maroof - Founder and director of the Women’s Empowerment Organisation (WEO) in Erbil, Iraq

Betty Kitta Scopas Dumo - Director of Early Warning Systems in the Directorate of Disaster Management at the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management in Juba, South Sudan


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