The Marsh Awards for Community Activism in Combatting Modern Slavery

These Awards are run in partnership with Unchosen and recognise groups and individuals who raise awareness of modern day slavery through community events.

An Award is made to winners in the following categories:

•Outstanding Individual - recognises the individual who has made the most impressive contribution to the organisation of an event.
•Local Engagement- celebrates the individual or group that has reached the largest audience through an event.
•Collaboration- awards an individual or group that best promoted inter-organisational collaboration in the fight against modern slavery.

The Award partnership with Unchosen previously recognised filmmakers taking part in the Unchosen Modern Day Slavery Short Film Competition, for raising awareness of human trafficking through film.

Unchosen is an anti-trafficking charity that organises film campaigns to raise public awareness and combat human trafficking, forced labour, sexual exploitation and domestic servitude in the UK and Ireland.

The 2016 winners are Robert Alexander, Emma Scott and Rebecca Avery

Outstanding Individual – Robert Alexander
Robert is a representative of Stop the Traffick and has been collaborating with Unchosen for many years and in a variety of different ways. He has partnered Unchosen at two events already in rural areas, in Falmouth and Tavistock, promoting and helping to run the events. He also ran a stand which displayed Stop the Traffick material and acted as the moderator at both events. In addition to this, he facilitated the audio-visual material for each event when the venue failed to do so. Robert has also been very active in promoting Unchosen films around the UK, which has meant that their outreach work has been able to go further. Robert also reports on the usage of Unchosen’s films which means that they can monitor how far their message reaches, which is vitally important for the impact of the work that Unchosen do.

Local Engagement – Emma Scott
Emma is a representative of West Dorset District Council and was chosen as Unchosen’s partner at the Dorchester Against Modern Slavery event in November 2015. Following this she organised a second event in partnership with Unchosen at Dorchester City Council in 2016. In total, both events hosted 86 people and contributed directly to a great increase in awareness of Modern Slavery in a small rural town. Emma is a very motivated individual and is passionate about tackling the issue of modern slavery in her area.

Collaboration – Rebecca Avery
Rebecca was the driving force behind an event in Cambridge to inform the public about Modern Slavery and how the local police help to combat the problem. In the planning of this event, she worked closely with the Cambridgeshire police, especially Chief Inspector James Sutherland, and a number of other organisations. The event was attended by 78 people from various different backgrounds and Unchosen were able to screen 4 of their films during the evening. The event was a great success, thanks to Rebecca’s hard work, and even attracted wider media coverage from ITV and the BBC, who advertised the event and used it as a platform to open discussions about Modern Slavery.

Pictured (left to right): Emma Scott, Robert Alexander, Rebecca Avery and Chief Inspector James Sutherland with their Awards


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