Marsh International Animal Welfare Award

2013 - Animals Lebanon and Save the Dogs, Romania

Animals Lebanon

Animals Lebanon work for the protection and welfare of animals in Lebanon, through a variety of activities, reaching out to governing bodies as well as civil communities. They campaign for changes in national legislation that will ensure that animals are better protected and work to increase Lebanon's compliance with the regulations of the World Animal Health Organization and the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.

Animals Lebanon rescue and provide quality care to companion animals and endangered wildlife that have been abused or neglected. They also work to close down substandard zoos, while encouraging other zoos to meet the minimum standards of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums. They have closed down three of the worst zoos, rehoming over 100 animals, many of which critically endangered. They have also established a shelter for companion animals, through which they find homes for over 400 animals each year.

Animals Lebanon engages with members of the community to encourage them to take an active role in making improvements in animal welfare and understanding how these improvements can benefit humans.

Save the Dogs, Romania

Save the Dogs work to tackle the problem of stray and free-roaming dogs in Romania. With hundreds of thousands of animals affected a year, this is a severe animal welfare issue. Save the Dogs raises awareness on animal rights in Romanian society and lobbies local and national authorities to improve and enforce animal welfare law.

They have a capture, sterilise and release programme through which they have neutered over 21,000 dogs and cats since 2002. An average of 600 dogs and cats are successfully rehomed each year, while a sanctuary is provided for 60 rescued donkeys and 13 horses; this is run in partnership with The Donkey Sanctuary.

Much of the work of Save the Dogs is linked with helping communities across the country. They provide free veterinary services to disadvantaged families, operate a mobile clinic for 6 months of every year and provide community outreach services for working donkeys and horses. They have also set up Romania’s first riding therapy project using rescued donkeys. This is dedicated to helping children with special needs in Bucharest. Currently 48 children benefit from the programme – 18 severely disabled orphans and 30 autistic children.

Pictured above:
Top - Female chimpanzee, located by Animals Lebanon, kept as a pet by the side of the road in Beirut.
Below - Save the Dogs member with rescued donkeys at the donkey sanctuary.


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