Marsh Lifetime Achievement Award with RBST

This Award is run in partnership with the Rare Breed’s Survival Trust (RBST) and recognises an individual for their outstanding and long term commitment to RBST and to the conservation of rare breeds.

The importance of preserving rare and native breeds is paramount to developing a sustainable farming system, as well as preserving our heritage. The Award recognises those who have shown dedication to these concepts throughout their lifetime, and have worked tirelessly to support the conservation of rare and local livestock, as well traditional methods of farming. Quite often the efforts of these individuals extend into supporting other aspects of the community and in doing so reinforce the principles of conservation and heritage.

Pictured on the right is a Gloucester breed of cattle

The 2016 winner is Vikki Mills

Viki has worked tirelessly for all breeds of pigs for many years. In the 1980’s her show record was extremely successful, winning five major shows with five different breeds of pigs. She has been Deputy Chairman of the British Pig Association, a founder of the Berkshire Pig Breeders Club and was one of the original pig surveyors when the RBST started doing an annual survey of pig breeds.
Viki was a Vice President of the British Pig Association and attended many committee meetings where her knowledge and enthusiasm were greatly valued. She has also previously chaired the RBST conservation committee and in this role acted as the vital link between the RBST and the British Pig Association. While on the Board of RBST she acted as RBST Consultant at Bicton College and also organises the livestock section at the immensely popular Lambeth Show. Her last sow, a Tamworth, went to the RBST Approved Conservation Centre, Bill Quay Community Farm in Newcastle, and has helped to start a very successful breeding programme there.

Pictured: Vikki receiving her Award from RBST Field Officer, Richard Broad


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