Marsh Award for Early Career Entomologist

This is an award which was presented for the first time this year, in partnership with the Royal Entomological Society.

The Award recognises an individual who has made an early career contribution to Entomological Science, which is considered to be outstanding or exemplary, with a single or ongoing impact to the field. It commends their dedication to the field and hard work and creativity.

The Award is not restricted to a particular discipline or area of entomological science and is therefore open to all those working across the field.

The 2016 winner is Dr Christopher Hassall

Christopher’s main research project is focused on the ecology and evolution of insect mimicry. The work involves a network of experimental sites in the UK and Canada where replicated experiments are being carried out to evaluate the evolutionary consequences of ecological decoupling of mimicry systems in time and space. A central part of his project is science communication and therefore Chris ran a series of schools events as part of the Leeds Festival of Science.

Another aspect of Chris’ work involves the link between biodiversity and environmental attitudes, and he is currently exploring this phenomenon in a new collaboration with a health cohort study in Bradford. This collaboration is exploring the contributions of school ground biodiversity to perceptions of nature, with a particular focus on insects, to quantify the benefits that school-based green space can have for children. Chris also supervises three PhD students on the side of his own research and outreach work.

Photo - Copyright: Anthony Glossop


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Previous Winners:

2015 Dr David George

2014 Donald A'Bear

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