Marsh Volunteer Award with Addaction

Addaction is the UK's leading specialist drug and alcohol treatment charity. They offer a wide range of addiction services in England and Scotland, which are free and confidential. Addaction not only help individuals recover from their dependency but also offer support to those closest to them. Working with families and loved ones is a major part of Addaction’s treatment ethos.

We run this Award to recognise the volunteers who work with Addaction to help them achieve this and transform the lives of people affected by drug and alcohol problems. The Award recognises winners from five regions across the UK, and from these a national winner is chosen.

The 2016 winner is Erin Donald

Erin applied for the Young Addaction Liverpool volunteer programme when she was 17 and since then has shown exemplary dedication to her role. She was part of the team responsible for the Baby Programme Open Day, helping with research for the event and the presentations that took place on the day, which was attended by Addaction’s Chief Executive, Drug and Alcohol Commissioners, families of service users and other members of the community. In addition to her role at Addaction, Erin also volunteers with the charity BROOK, helping out at reception, facilitating events and assisting with delivering their services in schools and colleges. She has now also started volunteering with ChildLine. Erin is always keen to help wherever and however she can and easily engages with people from all walks of life, making her an asset to Addaction and a role model for other young people.

Scotland – Stephen Davidson
Stephen volunteers with Addaction in North Glasgow, becoming an invaluable and much respected part of the team. As a keen guitarist, Stephen came up with an idea of running a guitar class for service users, securing four guitars from a homelessness support service, and the class has become a resounding success. It has maintained a core attendance amongst service users in recovery who have found comfort, enjoyment and camaraderie in the group. Stephen also volunteers with the local recovery community outside of Addaction’s services where he is also a trusted and valued member of the team.

East – Jock Hobson
Jock is a volunteer with Addaction’s Drug Intervention Programme in Sheffield, where he brings a positive atmosphere to the team and is always eager to help. He supports service users who take part in a fishing group every week as well as supporting the team with delivering Tea and Toast groups and an Art group. Jock’s volunteering role takes him out into the community where he meets and motivates service users to get to appointments, which provides Addaction with a vital insight into the lives and motivations of service users, meaning that the best possible service can be provided.

London & South East – Sue Warren
Sue has been lead facilitator for the Service User group at Thanet and South Kent Coast Mental Health Services since December 2014. She played a pivotal role in helping to set up the user led Arts and Crafts group, of which there are now 12 regular members who meet fortnightly to help the mental health wellbeing. Sue has also supported a group with social anxieties, enabling them to take part in activities and build friendships, as well as making numerous links with the local community and businesses to promote mental health wellbeing.

South West – Jenny Southcott
Jenny volunteers with Addaction’s services in Cornwall, where she has facilitated Mutual Aid Partnership meetings, a breakfast club and the Recovery Café, as well as delivering training in life skills to service users. She is passionate, professional, able to empathise with service users and an integral part of the team, offering her time and attention consistently. Jenny is a positive ambassador for Addaction’s services and is a strong role model and inspiration to clients.

This year, we also recognised two Highly Commended volunteers:
• Ouend Howard from the North and West category
• Doe Patrick from the South West category

Pictured (left to right): The winners of the 2016 Marsh Volunteer Awards with Addaction - Jenny Southcott, Stephen Davidson, Sue Warren, Erin Donald, Ouend Howard, Doe Patrick and Jock Hobson


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