Marsh Award for Carers

The Marsh Award for Carers, run in partnership with the Carers Trust, recognises carers or former carers for their outstanding contribution to volunteering.

It provides an exciting opportunity to give back to carers or former carers who have contributed to supporting other carers in their community.

As well as one National winner, the Award recognises 9 regional winners from across the UK.

The 2017 winner is Robert Frowen

Robert cares daily for his 29 year-old son who has complex and severe mental health problems since childhood. He was introduced to the Blackpool Carers’ Centre and attended a support group meeting, which inspired him to give some time volunteering for the Centre.

Rob is heavily involved in raising awareness of the Centre with professionals throughout Blackpool and when staff from the Centre attends other team’s meetings, he is always happy to explain his story in order to give a carer’s voice. Over the past 18 months he has organised his own fundraising events, including cycling from coast to coast and organising a sports memorabilia auction.

Rob now runs the HUGS peer support group for other carers who are looking after loved ones with mental health problems. He is a dedicated and caring volunteer and an unsung hero of the Blackpool Carers’ Centre.


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