Marsh European Lepidoptera Award

2010 - Lazaros Pamperis

Imagine doing a millennium atlas of a country about half the size of the United Kingdom but with more than 230 species of butterfly. Imagine doing it almost unaided, without a car and without using a butterfly net. That is the enormous achievement of Lazaros Pamperis who has recently published a second edition to his ‘Butterflies of Greece’. In a country where interest in butterflies is very rare, to have achieved so much as an individual is quite extraordinary.

Lazaros has dedicated his life to butterflies having first become interested as a mountaineer and walker and for years has spent much of his free time exploring the mountains and islands of his native Greece, meticulously recording all the butterflies he has seen, carrying his tent and sleeping bag with him. The results are spectacular and add enormously to our knowledge. He was reticent in his first edition to give even approximate locations for some of the rarer species because of illegal collecting is such a problem in Greece. However the new edition gives distribution maps for all the 234 species as well as phenological diagrams and the accumulated wisdom of many years in the field. There are species accounts and photographs of all species. Some species that cannot be separated in the field are aggregated. Amongst the most useful items included in this comprehensive study is a table of the trend assessment for many species.

(Pictured right - Prof Jeremy Thomas, presenting the Award on behalf of the Marsh Christian Trust, CEMEX representative, who won the Marsh Award for Lepidoptera Promotion, Lazaros Pamperis, Roy Leverton, winner of the Marsh Lepidopera Award for Lifetime Achievement)


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