Marsh Volunteer Awards with the Royal Opera House

This Award is run in partnership with the Royal Opera House and recognises the efforts of volunteers who have demonstrated an on-going dedication and commitment to an area of work within the Royal Opera House. This could be through an involvement in Education and community work, a particular ROH project or initiative which supports the learning and development of young people in the arts, or by sharing particular skills and knowledge to benefit the work of the ROH.

Previously, the Award only recognised volunteers in the Education and Community sector. It has now been opened up to volunteers working in various departments, both at Covent Garden and Thurrock.

The 2016 winners are Elizabeth Lubienska, Tom Tillery, Sally Gregory-Smoth, Lynda Viccars, Chris Walker and Guy Bloom

Elizabeth Lubienska
Elizabeth has volunteered in the Development and Enterprises Department for two years. She is responsible for checking mailing data and is meticulous when updating the database, so that the Royal Opera House is able to maintain their professional image when writing to people. She is very flexible in her role and is happy to help with other important tasks as and when she is required to do so, including taking on leadership roles.

Tom Tillery
Tom has volunteered in the Collections team one day a week since 2009, helping to support the department’s projects and to strengthen their relationships with audience members. He adds new programmes to the Programme Collection every week, making sure the performance details are correct and accurate. Tom has a vast knowledge of the history of the ROH, having worked in the Music Library for many years, so he can be relied upon to answer an obscure query.

Sally Gregory-Smith
Sally is a volunteer at the ROH’s Schools Matinees and Welcome Performance events playing a pivotal, ambassadorial role in providing a friendly and approachable demeanour for younger audiences. She is also a mentor for new volunteers and the shares her accumulated corporate knowledge with less experienced peers to ensure the projects run smoothly. During the 2015-2016 season, Sally volunteered on nearly every Welcome Performance and half of the matinee performances, assisting with many front of house activities and workshops.

Lynda Viccars
Lynda began volunteering at the Thurrock site in the autumn of 2014 and has since volunteered at a number of varied events with enthusiasm and a high level of commitment. She is a great advocate of the site’s work and actively speaks to visitors about the work that they do. Whether it be setting up activities or cleaning up afterwards, or showing guests where to go in the rain, Lynda can always be relied upon to lend a hand.

Chris Walker
Chris began volunteering at the Thurrock site in 2015 and is an efficient and capable volunteer, willing to get involved in any task. She has turned her hand to tasks which she isn’t necessarily familiar with and treats them as learning curves for her own life. She enthusiastically volunteers at public tours and Inspiration Days, greeting guests warmly and quickly making sure that they have everything they need.

Guy Bloom
Guy joined the volunteer programme in the summer of 2014 and since then has been a positive, uplifting and very capable volunteer at Thurrock. He is a dedicated and passionate member of the team and always shows enthusiasm for the volunteering work he undertakes. Guy is a regular volunteer on public tours and greets guests in a professional, polite and enthusiastic manner. He also commits his time to distributing leaflets about upcoming ROH events around his home town.


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