Marsh European Lepidoptera Award

This Award was presented for the first time in 2009. Run in partnership with Butterfly Conservation the Award aims to
recognise the efforts of those whose work has had a major and positive impact on butterfly and moth conservation within Europe.

Butterfly Conservation is a national charity working to protect threatened butterflies and moths in the UK and elsewhere.

The 2016 winner is Rudi Verovnik

Rudi Verovnik is a lecturer in Biology and Ecology at the University of Ljubljana and is recognised as the leading Lepidopterist in Slovenia. He helped to set up the Society for the Conservation and Study of Lepidoptera in Slovenia and almost single-handedly runs the Slovenian butterfly mapping scheme, which culminated with the publication of the first Atlas of Butterflies in Slovenia in 2012.

He has travelled extensively throughout Europe and many other countries studying butterflies and is one of the foremost taxonomists in Europe, having helped to resolve the complex phylogeny of European species to produce definitive lists for the Fauna Europaea that can be used for conservation.

Rudi has served on the Board of Butterfly Conservation Europe since 2007 and has been the leading author of several studies.

He has also led a study into the Critically Endangered Macedonian Grayling, a species that was originally known from only one site in the world that was threatened by marble quarrying. Thanks to the work of Rudi and his colleagues from the Macedonian Entomological Society, the butterfly has now been found on several other nearby hills and the known distribution has more than doubled.


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