Marsh Lepidoptera Awards

Run in association with Butterfly Conservation, there are two Awards, run since 1999, as follows:-

Outstanding contributions to the promotion of lepidoptera conservation by either an individual or organisation.

A lifetime achievement award, recognising an individual for exceptional commitment to lepidoptera conservation.

The 2016 winners are Rob Petley-Jones and Pete Eeles

Lifetime Achievement Award - Rob Petley-Jones

Rob has been a lifelong conservationist and for the last 35 years has served as an outstanding North East Reserves of some of the UK’s finest nature reserves. He is a first class naturalist and conservationist; however his main passion is for butterflies and moths. Rob is based at Roudsea Wood National Nature Reserve but manages a number of other sites, where he has set about establishing and implementing plans that are favourable for a number of species of butterflies and moths, including Coppices, Fritillary and Duke of Burgundy butterflies. Rob is probably best known for his work at Gait Barrow National Nature Reserve where he established a second ‘warden’s’ transect in 1982 and has been doing both ever since. His targeted management for priority species has included the ‘String of Pearls’ for Duke of Burgundy which is a series of permanent and semi-permanent woodland glades linked by widened rides. Prior to Butterfly Conservation employing paid staff, Rob established the network of volunteers which still exists today and himself took on the role of transect walker, collating all the data and reporting back at recorder’s meetings – paving the way for the current Recording Officer.

Promotion of Lepidoptera Award - Pete Eeles

Pete joined the Committee of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Branch of Butterfly Conservation in 2005, where he took on the role of Webmaster, and was instrumental in developing a new-look website. The website is used by numerous butterfly enthusiasts, both within and external to Butterfly Conservation and has become the main means of communication and promotion of Lepidoptera conservation for the Branch. Pete was also Branch Chairman from 2010-2013, during a period of major growth and development. Pete has played a key role in developing and maintaining the ‘UK Butterflies’ website, which is packed full of information and photos, many of which were taken by Pete himself, and can be seen as a compliment website to that of Butterfly Conservation. Over the years, Pete has also helped to develop Butterfly Conservation’s educational resources, including the new ‘Garden Butterfly Survey’ website which was launched in 2016. He designed and built from scratch a completely new website which allows users to enter data from their gardens throughout the year, allowing thousands of people to get involved in recording gardens for many years to come.

Pictured: Peter Eeles and Rob Petley-Jones receiving their Awards from Sara Oldfield, MCT Ambassador (Photo by Nigel Symington)


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