Marsh Fountain of the Year Award

This Award pays tribute to the best new or newly restored fountain or water feature and all those who have worked tirelessly to bring the project to life.

The Award is run in partnership with the Fountain Society, which encourages the active restoration, use and development of fountains, cascades and water features. The Society undertakes research and works with a variety of bodies and designers, providing them with technical advice and helping them in their campaigns to conserve and develop fountains, for the creative and artistic use of water for the public and private good.

The 2016 winners are Hamish Mackie and Ustigate Ltd for 'Goodman's Fields Horses'

This fountain is made up of six giant bronze horses, weighing a tonne and requiring over a kilometre of armature steel to make each one of them. ‘Goodman’s Field Horses’ sits at the centre of a seven acre development in Aldgate East, which will provide 1,038 new homes, 600 permanent jobs as well as a one acre public park. The sculptures were commissioned by Berkeley Home to bring alive the history of the site, where once Mr Goodman leased out the fields that were in place of the development to London’s livery horses. The sculptures echo London’s rich equine history and highlight the profound relationship that a city built on horse-power has with this magnificent animal.

The fountain was designed by Hamish Mackie, a famous British wildlife sculptor, and was placed in the main piazza of the new Goodman,s Fields residual area, to celebrate British craftsmanship and the history of the local community. To complete the movement of the horses, Ustigate Ltd were commissioned to create a water feature design which created animated water effects to give the horses a life like appearance.

Hamish Mackie began his career as a sculptor in a converted carthorse stable and became known for his ability to capture the essence, movement and energy of wild animals in their natural habitat. Ustigate Ltd are a family owned company who have been designing and building innovative and visually impactive water features for over 40 years, working with architects, builders and engineers from initial concepts to completion.


The Public Monuments and Sculpture Association
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