The Marsh Christian Trust’s grant-making programme aims to support small registered charities through long-term core funding, in an attempt to assist these organisations to maintain their current and on-going activities. The Trust itself supports roughly 250 different charities per annum across various fields in the charity sector. The main causes supported by the Marsh Christian Trust lie broadly within the following key areas of work:

  • Literature, arts and heritage
  • Social welfare
  • Environmental causes and animal welfare
  • Education and training
  • Healthcare

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Registered charities experienced in their field of work in any of the above mentioned areas.
  • Charities which have been established for more than one financial year and who can provide a full set of their most recent reports and accounts, or the equivalent of, if their annual income is under £25,000. The nature of our funding is to support established charities and not to provide start-up costs.

What is not funded by the Trust?

  • No grants are made to individuals or towards individual sponsorship proposals.
  • No funding is provided for building work or individual restoration projects.
  • No funding is provided to individual churches, as the Trustees consider it is the responsibility of congregations and the church to maintain these.
  • No funding is provided for individual hospices or hospitals, as the Trustees consider it is the responsibility of the local and national community to maintain these.

What are the application criteria?

As mentioned, grants are made towards core funding and not for special projects or sponsorship proposals.

The Trustees wish to engage in long-term support, in the form of money given on a recurring annual basis subject to yearly re-submission and review.

Applications are considered on the basis of the organisation's financial position, performance against charitable aims and objectives and the ratio of voluntary income against fundraising expenses.

The size of grants ranges from £250-£4,000, with new applications at the lower end of this scale.

Applicants should demonstrate that they have understood the type of funding which the Trust provides and illustrate how this would benefit their charity on a long-term basis.

How should we apply?

There is no standard application form to apply for a grant from the Marsh Christian Trust. All applications should be made in writing and sent by post to the Marsh Christian Trust, 4 Matthew Parker Street, London, SW1H 9NL.

The application should consist of a cover letter of roughly one to two sides and a full set of the most recent audited accounts should be enclosed.

There is no deadline for receipt of applications. Applications are processed on an on-going basis and are usually administered within three months of receipt. However, due to the volume of appeals, responses to new appeals may take a little more than three months.

A response is made to every appeal whether it is successful or not. If an application is unsuccessful, there are no time restrictions upon submitting a second application.



For Information on the Appeals process:

 2015- 2016 Annual Review.pdf
 Frequently Asked Questions.pdf

For Information on Marsh Awards:

 2015 Awards Booklet.pdf