Marsh Team Volunteer Award for Historic Vessel Conservation

This Award is run in partnership with National Historic Ships UK, the official voice for historic vessels in the United Kingdom.

The Award recognises a group of volunteers that has made a valuable contribution to the conservation, or operation of historic vessels in the UK and is an opportunity to celebrate these efforts.

The 2016 winner is the Daniel Adamson Preservation Society Engineers

The restoration of the Daniel Adamson tug boat began in 2008 and by August 2016 had entered Canning Dock under its own power, thanks to the restoration of no less than 11 steam engines and pumps aboard, as well as the engine driven air pumps.

The Daniel Adamson Preservation Society boasts a large number of very capable volunteers with a wealth of engineering knowledge, including lathe turners, machinists, engineers, pattern makers and instrument technicians. Over 20 volunteers worked on the restoration of the Daniel Adamson from 2008 to 2015, undertaking repairs and refurbishment as well as testing all of the pipework and machinery to determine its condition prior to work being carried out.

A workshop with suitable tools was set up for the restoration project and it was decided that all the mechanical work for the restoration would be done in house by the volunteers, thus saving the society approximately £1.5 million.

Pictured: The engineers during the restoration of the Daniel Adamson


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