Marsh Volunteer Awards with St Mungo’s

This is a new Award run in partnership with St Mungo’s recognising some of the organisation’s hundreds of volunteers who support people recovering from homelessness.

From providing outreach services to rough sleepers, to running activity groups and offering information and advice, St Mungo’s' volunteers offer invaluable support to clients.

St Mungo’s helps people recover from the issues that create homelessness and to rebuild their lives. They provide a bed and support to more than 2,500 people a night who are either homeless or at risk, and work to prevent homelessness, helping about 25,000 people a year.

The 2017 winners are Ben Moon, Fred Challis, Barbara Baldwin and Dave Winwood

Volunteer of the Year (London) – Ben Moon
Ben has been volunteering with St Mungo’s for two years as a peer volunteer with lived experience. He is very committed to his role at the Camden Housing First project, where he assists clients taking part in the new scheme which sees them assigned to permanent accommodation straight away, rather than living in a hostel for some time first. Ben is consistently there for clients, accompanying them to appointments and providing support, and also for staff in providing feedback for a number of volunteer courses which has proved to be invaluable information. He is truly dedicated to supporting people to make positive changes in their lives, and his personal experiences means he is a great role model for clients and is well placed to help them identify and achieve their goals.

Outstanding Achievement (London) – Fred Challis
Fred began volunteering at St Mungo’s in 2013 as part of the PAL team, helping clients get their lives back on track by assisting with housing and job applications. More recently he has become part of the team at the Bricks and Mortar Project, passing on his knowledge and skills as a bricklayer to offer clients a practical skill which they can take forward to get a job. Fred volunteers 3 days a week and has recently qualified as an adult education tutor. He is a real model to the clients at the construction skills project and he is highly valued among the people that he helps.

Volunteer of the Year (South West) – Barbara Baldwin
Barbara has been a volunteer with St Mungo’s Bristol Assertive Contact and Engagement (ACE) Service since its inception in April 2015, after volunteering with St Mungo’s Wellbeing Service for a number of years previously. She volunteers with a number of different groups including the South Asian Sewing Group, the Wet Clinic for street drinkers and the Women’s Morning group. Barbara is also one of four Lone Working Volunteers who accompany clients out and about in the community, providing support that goes above and beyond what staff members are able to do due to time constraints. She is a truly dedicated volunteer and has been so for a long period of time across a variety of roles.

Outstanding Achievement (South West) – Dave Winwood
Dave is an outreach volunteer with the Compass Centre and since joining the team has demonstrated great skills in working with clients and building relationships with them. His own self-esteem and confidence has also improved greatly during his time as a volunteer, which has meant that he is better placed now to find himself employment. Dave liaises with other agencies on behalf of the clients that he works with, establishing connections through which the clients can improve their own lives. Dave offers advice based on his own experiences and attends a number of courses to develop his own knowledge and to know how to pass this on in the best way.


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