Marsh Volunteer Awards with the Canal and River Trust

These Awards are run in partnership with the Canal and River Trust and recognise the organisation’s outstanding volunteers working to protect our waterways, which have great importance for heritage, communities and the environment.

Heroes of the Waterway Award - celebrates a volunteer who has shown lifetime support to the protection of our waterways.

Explorers Education Award - recognises a volunteer working in classrooms and out in the field to engage children with waterways.

Young Volunteer Award – recognises the commitment and contributions of an individual or group of young volunteers (aged 13-25) in supporting canals and rivers.

In 2016, only one Award was presented, recognising a long serving volunteer supporting the work of the Canal and River Trust.

Pictured - Dylan Manning, winner of the 2015 Marsh Young Volunteer Award, pictured litter-picking

The 2016 winner is Peter Bruton

Peter has been volunteering with the Canal and River Trust since 2004 and leads the team of volunteers which maintains the fleet heritage working boats and moves these around the country, representing and promoting the waterways at major events across the network of canals. Peter does an outstanding job of organising and supporting the volunteers in his team, ensuring that the team is well co-ordinated and following all of the necessary safety procedures expected by the Trust.

During the winter months he encourages and motivates the volunteers to ensure the boats are spick and span and looking good for the coming season, often in cold and wet conditions. He liaises with event organisers, many of which are third parties, to ensure the Canal & River Trust has a presence at local events and that we have the best spot to show us off to give maximum impact. These boats are a very important part of our heritage and in the past it was Peter who fought (as a campaigner and volunteer) to keep the boats as an attraction when other boats were lost.

The team performs a very important role in our Explorers Education programme, often supporting our education team with school events and towpath school visits.

Peter’s enthusiasm for his volunteering is limitless, and the profile he has generated for the waterways and for the Trust is phenomenal – he has plenty of energy and positivity to share with his team. He is a well deserving ambassador of the waterways and motivates and recruits others to do the same.


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