Marsh Award for Education in Botanic Gardens

This Award is run in partnership with Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) and recognises an early/mid-career individual who has made an outstanding contribution to promoting public awareness of the importance of plants and/or undertaking impactful education activities within a botanic garden.

BGCI’s vision is a world in which plant diversity is valued, secure and supporting all life. To create this world their mission is: "To mobilise botanic gardens and engage partners in securing plant diversity for the well-being of people and the planet."

The 2016 winner is Iwa Urszula Kolodziejska

Iwa has been involved with the Botanic Garden at the University of Warsaw for thirteen years since completing her Master’s degree, and in this time education in the garden has become more and more well respected within and outside the institution.

Iwa’s ability to develop activities on a low budget has been an inspiration to small botanic gardens internationally. Her presentation at BGCI’s 8th International Congress in Mexico in 2012, about developing activities to explain seed dispersal with limited resources, is still spoken about today. Largely due to her impressive contributions in 2012, the University of Warsaw was chosen to host the 10th BGCI International Congress. This will highlight the creativity of the team in Warsaw and show the importance of careful planning and creative thinking rather than large amounts of funding.

Iwa is also a researcher in ethnobotanical knowledge making and transmission which supports her ability to develop activities that are innovative and engaging to different audiences. She sees the connection between art and science communication and therefore has the ability to speak with a broad range of often hard-to-reach audiences.


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Previous Winners:

2015 Sophie Williams

2014 Wang Ximin