Marsh Museum of London Volunteer Team Award

This Award is run in partnership with the Museum of London and recognises the exceptional contributions of some of the hundreds of volunteers who help the Museum to share with the public London’s great history.

From looking after collections and archives, to supporting learning programmes and welcoming visitors, the role of volunteers is vital to the Museum. The Volunteer Team of the Year Award recognises volunteers who have successfully worked together as a team on the same project which has made a significant contribution to the Museum.

The Award scheme is made up of three Awards:
Volunteer Team of the Year
Volunteer of the Year
Young Volunteer of the Year

Pictured right: Sainsbury's Volunteer Archive Team

The 2016 winners are The Fashion Collection Volunteers

The Fashion Collection Volunteers; Charlotte Lolita Cameron, Lauren Isles, Vicky Kousounaki and Cyana Madsen were chosen as winners of this Award for their contributions to preparing the Museum of London’s fashion collection for the move to the new site and for cataloguing the new acquisition of 100 items of menswear from 1960-2013.
Their work on preparing the collection has included replacing 66 non-archival boxes with archival ones which included 990 artefacts with upgraded homes, adding labels to 103 repacked archival boxes listing what is inside improving access at collection, moving 34 boxes to improve the store and helping to clean the new archive storage units. Thanks to their close care and attention to detail in their work, the team were able to find 9 misplaced artefacts which had been missing for 2 decades.
Additionally, they completed the cataloguing for half of the newly acquired Francis Golding Collection in relation to their physical description, date, measurements, materials, maker and significance. Their work on this collection has allowed the materials to be published on Collections Online, which is available to the public. Their volunteer work has led to 3,255 artefacts being improved.
The volunteers also bring lots of energy to the fashion collection with great interest in bettering the collection. They do not mind the mundane tasks they are asked to complete and are always open to improving their work.

Pictured: Examples of the work that the Fashion Collection Volunteers undertake


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