Marsh Award for International Ornithology

This Award is run in partnership with the British Trust for Ornithology and was presented for the first time in 2013.

The Award goes to an individual scientist whose work on the international stage has had significant influence on British ornithology, especially as reflected in the work of BTO scientists and volunteers.

The 2016 winner is Professor Pertti Saurola

Professor Pertti Saurola was senior researcher at the Zoological Museum of the University of Helsinki from the mid-1970s until his retirement in 2002. He was head of the Finnish Ringing Scheme for many years and also chaired the European Union of Bird Ringing for 14 years. Pertti has studied the ecology and demography of Ural and Tawny Owls in the field since the mid-1960s and Ospreys and satellite tracking since the early-2000s. He is an extremely rigorous scientist, advocating the importance of high quality field design, field data collection, analysis and publication throughout his career. The Finnish Raptor Grid monitoring scheme which he pioneered, working with volunteer ringers across Finland, is seen as a model worldwide. Pertti has been particularly influential in working closely with statisticians to make specialist techniques for analysing mark-recapture data accessible to field ecologists and the ringing community. He spends much time out in the field with younger researchers, sharing his expertise and passion for birds and their conservation. Pertti has an impressive scientific publication record, has written a number of books and has influenced the public through regular writing in more popular publications.

Pictured: Professor Saurola with Emma Haworth, MCT Ambassador


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