Marsh Award for Wetland Conservation

This Award is run in association with the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT) and recognises the best individual effort in local wetland creation.

Volunteers from around the UK work to protect and transform wetland areas, leading to the conservation of wildlife and the creation of spaces to be enjoyed by the local people. Ranging from community wetlands to wetlands in people’s back gardens, each year this Award supports the people who have been the driving force behind these projects.

WWT works with others across the world to monitor, research, create and restore wetlands and the wildlife that depends on them.

Pictured above: Moorend Spout Wetland, the winning wetland for 2013

The 2013 winner is Terry Smith

Terry is the driving force behind the conservation of Moorend Spout, a wetland near Bristol which features areas of woodland, grasslands and a constantly flowing waterfall. It is a particularly valuable wildlife habitat providing a home to various species of birds, animals and insects, while it is of great importance to the local community.

Terry was at the forefront of a group of volunteers working to transform and protect the area. He was one of the first people who saw the ecological, biological and social importance of Moorend Spout. He also realised that in order for the wetland to remain valuable to wildlife and people, it needed caring for and protection from a lack of management and future development.

Terry single-handedly drove the land purchase of the site, in order to safeguard its future, raising local awareness and working to secure funds along the way. He then galvanised local people and local authorities into working with him so that, not only is the site now owned by a conservation charity, it is also managed according to a professionally drawn-up management plan. Terry still organises and attends regular working parties, gives talks and works to involve young people through schools, scouts and guides.

As a result of Terry’s efforts the site is now secure and its wonders can be enjoyed by people for a long time to come. Though important for wildlife, it was never likely to be afforded effective protection except by the direct involvement of the local community. This has been cultivated and led by Terry himself.

Pictured above: Brian Marsh with winner, Terry Smith at Moored Spout Wetland


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