Marsh Award for Ornithology

This Award is run in partnership with the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) and is available to an ornithologist who is making a significant contribution to the field.

Amongst other things, the Award considers the significance of the research undertaken so far, contributions to training and capacity building within ornithology, alignment with the BTO’s mission, and engagement with the wider ornithological community.

The 2013 winner is Dr Jane Reid

Jane is an outstanding ornithologist who has contributed hugely to the field through her high quality research, her dynamic approach to addressing important scientific issues and her deep commitment to developing young researchers and engaging a wide range of audiences.

After completing a PhD at Glasgow and post-docs at University of British Columbia and Cambridge, Jane joined Aberdeen University in 2006, where she has contributed greatly to the development of one of the most dynamic research groups in the UK and to the development of a series of excellent young ornithologists.
Jane’s research integrates novel and innovative behavioural ecology with important issues of conservation and population ecology. She has developed a series of study systems in which she has used genetic, ecological and environmental approaches to understand and predict population-level responses to environmental changes. She has worked closely with volunteer groups, academic colleagues and conservation agencies to understand the demographic causes of population change amongst various species of birds and has helped focus conservation interventions in areas where they can be most effective. Janes’ work had significant impacts. For example, her recent collaboration with Grampian Ringing Group and RSPB has vastly improved our understanding of the causes of the long-term population decline of ring ouzel populations in the UK.

Jane is an active ringer and trainer and has encouraged and inspired young people to become involved with ringing and other aspects of ornithology. As a member of the editorial board of ‘Ringing and Migration’, Jane invested much time and thought into encouraging BTO volunteers to publish their work. She is also currently Director at the Fair Isle Bird Observatory Trust, and an associate editor of ‘Journal of Animal Ecology.’

Pictured above: Jane carrying out work in the field, at Islay


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