Marsh Award for Marine and Freshwater Conservation

2008 - Nick Dulvy

Nick Dulvy has made some fundamentally important contributions to marine conservation through his scientific work on assessing extinction risk in the marine realm. With most fisheries in collapse worldwide we are in danger of driving many marine species to extinction, reducing food resources available to us and failing to maximise long term economic returns. Dulvy’s contributions to the science of sustainable management have been critically important, both to policy and conservation practice and span the range from pelagic fisheries to coral reef ecosystems. With many marine species being extremely poorly known, his work on understanding the links between life histories, population dynamics and extinction risk have been important in shaping our understanding of how to identify those species that should be of conservation concern. Finally, he has made important contributions to the emerging body of work looking at how climate change will impact the marine realm in terms of fisheries productivity and extinction risk.


The Zoological Society of London
Regent's Park