Marsh Award for the Encouragement of Medallic Art

The BAMS President’s Medal and Marsh Award for the Encouragement of Medallic Art is awarded to individuals and organisations who are considered to have made a significant contribution to the understanding, appreciation and encouragement of the art of the medal.

The BAMS President’s Medal was commissioned by the British Art Medal Society (BAMS) as part of its twenty-fifth anniversary celebrations in 2007and first presented in 2009. The medal is the work of Danuta Solowiej (pictured right).

The Marsh Award for the Encouragement of Medallic Art was first presented in 2011 in partnership with the BAMS President’s Medal.

The 2013 winners are Howard and Frances Simmons

“This award is presented to Simmons Gallery in recognition of the longstanding record of Howard and Frances Simmons as promoters of the art medal and the generous support they have given the British Art Medal Society in order that it might fulfil its objectives of developing and maintaining the art of the medal in the United Kingdom and elsewhere.” British Art Medal Society

Howard and Frances Simmons set up Simmons Gallery in 1982 to provide a general service to collectors of coins. They have now given up their retail space and trade through their website, which acts as a virtual gallery, promoting mainly coins, tokens, medals and weights. They buy and sell coins from around the world and have specialist knowledge of this field in South East Asia, China, Japan, the Indian sub-continent and Latin America.

Howard and Frances have shown a great passion for what they do throughout their 30 year career. This interest dates back to earlier parts of their lives. Howard has been collecting coins since he was a toddler, and could be found rummaging for coins in antique shops throughout his teenager and student years. When he and Frances were married, this interest only strengthened. They both continue to be inspired by numismatics, and shows great dedication to their work in this field.

You can visit the Simmons Gallery at

Pictured above, from left to right: Philip Attwood, President at BAMS, Howard and Frances Simmons receiving the Award and Charles Micklewright, MCT Trustee, presenting the Award.


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